SONO is a tactile experience
Thank to its delicateness and sebum compatibly the products are absorbed by the skin naturally. 

SONO is a discovery
By entering in the BIO world it can be seen that Healthy is simple and approachable to everyone. 

SONO is multisensoriality
Its fragrances and aromas will wrap you giving you a wellness sensation.   

SONO is timeless
Ancient recipes and methods which contains all the wisdom needed to create a product like in the most ancient tradition. 

SONO is emotion
We completed our product with all our passion to obtain the maximum bene t by every essence employed. 

SONO is knowledge
We know all of our essences, essential oils and plants we use to create every single product, well knowing the bene ts it will bring to a person. 

SONO is innocence 
We create a natural cosmetic with the biggest purposes to improve the health condition of body and hair. 

SONO is cultureWe treat the body and hair care thanks to the help of the o cial essential oils plants. 

  SONO is widsomWe use only the best natural ingredients to create a healthy and eco bio friendly product.  

SONO is a live laboratory
The essence of all of our creations grows in nature and it is manually operated with traditional methods. Every product we made is inspired by the nature which surround us. 

SONO is naivety
Like kids in a owered garden we have chosen the best extracts and we have made them a powerful beauty potion. 

SONO is geniusWe mix precious ingredients and make them perfect for our beauty is something special, but making them e cient is something brilliant. 

   SONO is to solve problemsHaving e cient products means solving scalp’s hair and skin anomalies. We are experts in it. 

 SONO is challenge Knowing our wellness world very well becomes a challenge to be more competitive in a global market which becomes more and more di cult and demanding. But our talent to perform our products makes our place as market’s leader sure. 

  SONO is willWe are willing to change and to make your beauty and relax moment a gratifying and signi cant one. 

   SONO is socialUsing natural essences from local territories means helping in the social small farming companies to grow. Helping who is less lucky than ourselves ful lls us with satisfaction. 

SONO is art
We live in the Made in Italy tradition so we have used all of our passion to create our products as a piece of art. 

   SONO is creativityEvery day we create proposals to satisfy in the best way every necessity which hair and skin might need. 

   SONO is spontaneityIt is part of our DNA and it is our mark. Our approach to the client is unique, immediate and exclusive. 

SONO is a big deal
Our cosmetics are organic and certi ed and take advantage of the experts of the branch to be e cient always giving the best result. 

SONO is shrewdness 
We know very well which type of ingredient ts better for each part of the body, which ones have a better result on it. We know the fashion hair trends and which products we have to use to reach that style. 

  SONO is innovationOur natural mixtures take advantage of modern avantagarde technological supports.    

SONO is necessary 
We think that in a stressful world the use of natural products, bio and vegan friendly could be a great remedy to rediscover the ancient rituals to take care of ourselves and relax even at home by ourselves. 

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